Salt System Conversion

Salt Water Pool Conversion for a Better Swimming Experience

There are several benefits to choosing a salt water pool over a chlorine-based pool. One of the biggest reasons people decide to make the switch is because salt system pools are an easier and more convenient way to maintain a clean pool. When you call Crystal Clear Pools, we can professionally convert your current chlorine pool system to a salt water pool system. Our technicians provide salt water pool conversion services throughout the Greater Baton Rouge area and surrounding cities.

Salt Water Conversions

What Exactly Is a Salt Water System?

When people hear the term “salt water pool,” their first thought is that their pool is going to feel like the ocean – this is not true. A salt water pool is more comfortable for your skin and provides a better swimming experience than both the ocean AND regular chlorine-based pools.

A salt water pool is maintained with regular salt that breaks apart into sodium and chlorine. The chlorine cleans the pool, and once the job is done, it reconnects with the sodium and turns back into salt. With the self-efficient salt system, your pool will have the same level of sanitation as a regular chlorine pool while requiring less maintenance and handling of strong, odorous chlorine chemicals.

Salt System Installation

At Crystal Clear Pools, we can seamlessly convert your chlorine-based pool into a salt water system. Our approach is simple: We install an electric salt system and salt cell into your pool to be pumped into your current system. From there, we fill your pool with the exact amount of salt that is needed for the perfect balance of clean and refreshing.

Experience the Comfort of a Salt Water Pool

If you are wanting to convert your chlorine pool into a salt water pool system, or would prefer speaking with an expert, we are able to accommodate both! With 24/7 availability and free estimates, you can depend on Crystal Clear Pools to be there whenever you need us. To schedule an appointment or get more information about our salt water pool conversion service, call the pool experts at Crystal Clear Pools today!